Condo Acquisition Strategy

Condo Acquisition Strategy

As you may know, the apartment market is our primary revenue driver. However, our best performing location is actually a condo, Waterfront Square (WFS) in Philadelphia. Since launching in 2017 we have averaged 28 washes per month and $30K in total revenue to date at WFS. We’ve always known that condos are an excellent market; however, it’s much harder to gain access to decision-makers (HOAs). We will be launching a new condo acquisition strategy in 2020 by partnering with CAMCO, the largest HOA management company on the East Coast. This represents a significant growth opportunity that we’re very excited about.

If you live in a condo in Portland, Northern VA/DC, or Philadelphia and can introduce us to your HOA/Board, please let us know! Have a great rest of the week!

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