The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

First off, welcome to those new to this communication. Apologies in advance as this update is a bit longer. Things are going well, but this week I also wanted to give you a sense for some of the challenges we’re experiencing as we grow. But first…

THE GOOD: February revenue grew 25% from January to $16K. We expect to continue this growth trajectory and reach (if not exceed) $20K for March.

THE BAD: We continue to receive inbound requests from new locations that want to launch our service. Given the current size of our team and resources at hand, we have to strictly prioritize (and/or push out) new launches. We wish we could launch with speed to match that of the opportunities, but it’s very important that we are careful not to spread ourselves too thin.

THE UGLY: The increased volume (700+ washes across our consumer and fleet operations) has highlighted the inefficiency in our technology stack. The things that are driving growth (e.g., SMS booking, subscriptions sign-ups) happen to also be the things that require the most manual management from our team. With any manual process quality, accuracy and timeliness become a challenge. And these are just the things that sometimes impact our customers’ overall experience. We’ve gotten pretty creative to mitigate, but this will likely remain a challenge until we invest in a few key areas within our technology stack.

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