It’s been a crazy week to say the least. We were well on our way to achieve our 25% m-o-m revenue goal when we first started to see the impact of COVID-19. Here’s what’s happening across the segments:

  • Company: Our Company business has been directly impacted since most companies are now having their employees work remotely. We canceled all Company appointments through March 31.
  • Residential: Our Residential business hasn’t yet been impacted. We doubled down on Residential, and reached out to our Property Managers and encouraged them to purchase vehicle disinfectant services for their residents. We’ve already had some PMs take us up on the offer.
  • Fleet: We reached out to our fleet customers to offer disinfectant services, and we’ve acquired some new contracts as a result.

There’s obviously a lot of uncertainty with things changing by the day, but we’re adapting in real-time to address challenges and explore new opportunities. I’ll report back at the end of the month. Everyone, please stay safe!

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